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Mediation Works it Out, Litigation Fights it Out - - - The Choice is Yours.

At SBK Mediation, Inc. Beth Myers assists people as they address conflict and resolve disputes in a 
timely, cost efficient manner.  Since 2010 Beth has worked with individuals and businesses in both
Maine and Massachusetts resolving nearly 500 cases

Beth Myers combines experience in negotiation and conflict management with strategic thinking, 
leadership and communication skills. An active, empathic and analytical listener, throughout her career, 
Beth is known for helping others find clarity and move forward amid complexity and change. 

Specialities for Business and Workplace include: 
  • Conflicts and disagreements between employees
  • Conflicts between senior managers and other leaders or decision makers
  • Conflicts arising from change and the management of change
  • Conflicts between various stakeholder groups (supplier, b2b, customer)
  • Allegations of bullying, harassment, oppression, discrimination and other inappropriate behaviors
  • Succession Planning: Internal management or for Family and Small Business

        - Listening for Power, Influence, Confidence Listening is the most used yet most poorly applied communication skill!
        - B.I.F.F. Responses to High Conflict Personalities, Toxic Emails and more.
        - Understanding and Valuing 8 Profit-Sucking Elements of Unresolved Workplace Conflict
        - Co-Parenting Communication 1: Pre-Mediation Coaching
        - Co-Parenting Communication 2: Making Proposals

Specialities for Family Matters include:
  • Separation
  • Divorce
  • Co-Parenting plans and modifications including decisions around: 
          Special Occasions, Travel, Relocation, Education, Special or Changing Medical Needs and Planning, 
          Changes in Parenting Calendars, Introducing New Significant Others, Step-parenting and Grandparenting,
          Communication Plans between parents .........  Keeping Kids First
  • Parent Coordinator  (Massachusetts only)

Extended Professional Background:

Beth Myers is a mediator in private practice specializing in Family Matters (Divorce, Separation, Co-Parenting), Small Claims, Landlord/Tenant Matters.  Early mediation experienced working in the Maine Court ADR system (CADRES) provided invaluable experience working with parties across the socio-economic spectrum. Beth volunteers with Volunteers of American, Northern New England and Opportunity Alliance, Portland, ME. 

An experienced business leader, Beth brings to mediation 20 years of hands-on knowledge and experience working nationally in marketing and business operations management with Fortune 100 companies AIG and Liberty Mutual.

Big business overlapped with establishing a privately held micro-business in 1993 as a direct importer and specialty toy boutique owner. Since 1993 Beth also worked both pro-bono and for-fee as a business, marketing and fund raising consultant with a range of Boston area non-profits, start-ups and small businesses. 

Complimenting a degree in accounting, Beth's legal experience includes:
  • 350+ hours specialized mediation and legal training in both MA and ME
  • 475 successful cases 
  • 2 certificates in paralegal studies
  • 5 years consulting as part-time business manager of a small MA law firm
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