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Separation and Divorce
Mediated agreements are faster, less costly, less stressful on everyone involved (including extended 
family, friends, and co-workers) than traditional litigated or attorney and court controlled processes. 

Faster, Less Costly
With mediation, you and the other party determine how many sessions, and which experts to involve,
to finalize your agreement .... and you know the cost of each session and professional up front. 
You can be done in a matter of  days, weeks or a few months.

Through litigation, the courts, attorneys and other professionals control the calendar and the costs. 
It's not unusual for a divorce with children to take 18 months to 2 years before being finalized. Some
professionals provide fixed fee services, most do not. You have limited ability to budget how many 
hours will be billed, limited means of challenging hourly invoices including time billed for your professional conversing with lower level staff about processing your case.

With a mediated agreement, you can appear in front of the court much sooner saving time, reducing stress, and providing the ability to move on with your life faster - - - The Choice is Yours.

More Control, Less Stress
In mediation you and the other party are the decision makers. You and the other party control the outcomes.
Mediated agreements reduce or eliminate the likelihood of future court proceedings, in part, because you may develop essential communication skills that will help with future life changes.   

Through litigation, the courts, attorneys and other professionals make decisions.  You and the other party influence, but don't control the outcomes.
The Courts don't know you, are over burdened, need to move you along. You are appearing during one of the most stressful situations of your life (not at your best) and many professionals will candidly tell you that they expect to see you back in court.  Thus, the attention truly given to your particular case, your individual needs, your ability to communicate effectively in the future is, well, perhaps not the quality the two of you would like or deserve. 
- - - The Choice is Yours.

Legacy Matters, Biology Doesn't Change
Life changes, the biological relationship to your child(ren), and their future children, doesn't.
As children grow they will talk about their parents, and their experiences with your separation and divorce, wherever they reach out for support: at school, with friends, during activities, at the most embarrassing time for you. When grown, they will reflect back on how well their parents managed their divorce and the resulting impact on their upbringing, their self-confidence, life choices, successes, failures and life perspectives. 

Your legacy, and that of your child(ren) matters. When parents retain control, reach fair, equitable agreements and stick to them, or know how to effectively modify them, children do better. Step-parents, extended families, and co-workers too benefit from your less stressful, reasonably managed separation, divorce and life changes. 
- - - The Choice is Yours.

Co-Parenting Plans or Parenting Coordination (MA)
When timing is critical, Beth works with parents who are separating or divorced to help them get results quickly, avoiding time consuming and costly court appearances or legal battles around important parenting matters.  For example if a child wants to start soccer in 3 weeks, there's likely no way to be in front of a Judge to make that decision before the season begins. Parents committed to keeping their children first, find another way to have that discussion - Mediation or Parent Coordination can help.

Parents typically engage Mediation or Parent Coordinator services to help with decisions around:

  • Parenting time: Initial parenting calendar, changes in parenting calendar, vacations, holidays, special occasions, travel
  • Extra-curricular activities frequency, cost, scheduling and attendance.
  • Education particularly if a child’s needs/wants have changed including decisions around private schooling and college funding, applications, schedules, transportation etc.
  • Medical decisions and costs including the need for braces, who pays, who schedules and attends appointments.
  • Sensitive matters around extended family schedules and communication.
  • Introducing significant others
  • Blending new families 
  • Relocation

When retained as a Parent Coordinator in MA, Beth first acts as a mediator facilitating discussion with the parents. If parents aren't able to reach agreement, it becomes her role as Parent Coordinator to make a recommendation for them.  Parents rights to return to Court always remain intact.

Separating or divorcing parents in MA often request Parent Coordinator services be included in their final, court approved, divorce agreement. In some cases, the court will order parents to engage a Parent Coordinator. Parent Coordinator recommendations often carry the weight of the court.

Since 2010 Beth Myers mediated over 475 cases with an 85% success rate. Beth always works to make sure each party is heard. Her goal is to provide high-level professional mediation services to divorcing or separating parties, with or without children, in consideration of your unique circumstances.
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