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Judgment Day with Beth Myers
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Judgment Day with Beth Myers
Why Mediate? Why Litigate? 
Learn the facts on mediation and litigation.  
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It's tough when you get in front of a Judge. The road to getting your day in court is often long, costly, filled with speculation, anticipation, fear, worry, hope, or sometimes deep anger and bitterness.  Typically that one day is life altering, and not always in a positive way, even if you do "win". 

IF ONLY .... if only you had known that there are alternatives.

Perhaps you might have made alternative choices.  Perhaps you could or should have mediated. Perhaps you could or should have avoided months, sometimes years, of legal fees and stress.  If only you had known there are options.

Now you can know.

There are alternatives - especially if you realize early on that litigation is probably not in your best interest, no matter if you are in the "right" and you are certain you will "win".  Say you win, then what? Will you collect or spend years, more stress, more fees, trying to collect?  Will you find a new job, or the right-fit employee, fast enough to make the battle worth it? And what about family matters? Children eventually grow up remembering for better and worse. That neighborhood spat?  You may be neighbors for decades.

Join host Beth Myers as she interviews a list of renowned guest speakers who will answer your questions and share real life examples of:

Join host Beth Myers and a renowned list of guest speakers as they share real life examples of :
  • How you can better control your outcomes
  • What mediation is and isn't
  • Why and how mediation works
  • When mediation makes sense in business, family and/or community matters 
  • Where you can find mediators
  • What qualities and training to look for in a mediator
  • When mediation isn't mediation... and what's all the "ADR" talk?
  • Finding the best of both worlds: mediating with the advice and support of Counsel

A preview of confirmed guest speakers, likely dates, and possible topics includes:

Honorable Edward M. Ginsburg
Retired from the bench; active in the furtherance of justice.
"Suits and Suitability. How we got here. Cultural evolution; the history of mediation in MA Courts. Where we are headed."  April 3, 2011

David A. Hoffman
Boston Law Collaborative
"Applying Lessons of Mediation to Everyday Life"  .April 10, 2011

Rachel B. Goldman
Boston Law Collaborative
"Mediation and Co-parenting During and After Divorce" .May 15, 2011

John A. Fiske
Healy, Fiske, Richmond & Matthew
"Staying In Charge of Your Life"
"Making Informed Decisions" .  April 17, 2011

Christopher P. Kauders
Pre-Trial Solutions, Inc.
"War Stories. The Importance of Saving Face, Removing Conflict." May 1, 2011.

Michael L Leshin
Ginsburg & Leshin, LLP
" Different Conversations: The fluidity of mediation and necessary boundaries of litigation can be confusing. Answers you receive from a mediator and from an attorney differ often leading to a huge middle place for confusion as well as opportunity for collaboration.  Learn more about how you can reduce the confusion and approach your conflict realistically."  April 24, 2011

Debra Filiurin, LMHC, CGP
Community Dispute Settlement Center
"The Right Fit. What qualities and training to look for in a mediator."  June 5, 2011