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Are YOU avoiding long standing workplace conflicts?  
At what cost to your health, relationships, and company?

Chronic, Unresolved Conflict is attributed to:
           65%  of workplace performance "problems"
           50%  of voluntary departures

​Unresolved conflict costs a lot more than the cost of turnover. 
  • Wasted time (dragging feet)
  • Sabotage/Theft/Damage (equipment loss, breakage, disappearing office supplies) 
  • Reduced decision quality (distracted minds)
  • Loss of skilled employees (turnover, recruiting, training, cultural learning curve)
  • Restructuring (learning curve for direct and indirect parties of conflict)
  • Lowered job motivation (including those around parties in conflict)
  • Lost work time (mental health days, or stress related illness)
  • Health costs (insurance frequency/rates increase for all)

Resolve conflicts quickly, economically with less distress!
Mediation is a method for resolving difficult workplace situations. It is used as an economical, expeditious means to avoid costly, time consuming court-driven legal processes.  

Mediation is a confidential, voluntary form of collaboration where disputing parties control the outcome.

As a trained, experienced Mediator, Beth Myers acts as an impartial third party with no stake in the outcome. She facilitates confidential discussion(s) with two or more disputing parties with the goal of each party being heard; ideally all parties reaching self-determined agreement.  And when agreement is reached, the parties determine if it will be committed to writing or rest on a handshake.

SBK's workplace mediation services helps parties resolve complex and challenging disputes - swiftly, effectively and with as little disruption as possible. Beth Myers, or an agreed upon colleague, works with all parties in the dispute to establish their underlying needs and interests, encourage dialogue and ultimately, facilitate a mutually acceptable resolution.

Because parties craft their own agreements, results typically lead to better relationships not only between them but, among the people and departments around them, improving overall workplace environments and problem solving skills for the long term.  

Employees who participate in mediation typically work more efficiently, take fewer days off,  and stay with the company longer than those who feel ignored, unheard, undervalued and unsupported.  Successful mediation produces more efficient, effective work environments by supporting mutual respect, improving communication skills, soothing egos, repairing hurt feelings in part by allowing parties to move forward with confidence.

Workplace mediation is suitable for a wide range of issues including:

  • Conflicts and disagreements between employees, 
  • Between boss and employee or,
  • Within teams.
  • Conflicts between senior managers or other leaders and decision makers.
  • Conflicts arising from change and management of change.
  • Allegations of bullying, harassment, oppression, discrimination and other inappropriate behaviors.
  • Conflicts arising within, or between, various stakeholder groups (customers, suppliers and B2B).

Every day smart, well-trained, highly valued key talent leaves a company they've cared about, jobs they're good at, careers they've nurtured, rather than endure the ongoing effects of chronic unresolved conflict in the workplace. Resolve it! 
- - - The Choice is Yours.

​In addition to mediation services, SBK offers small group workshops and individual coaching on the following topics:

8 Profit-Sucking Elements of Unresolved Workplace Conflict. Understanding and Valuing:
  • Wasted time (dragging feet)
  • Sabotage/Theft/Damage (equipment loss, breakage, disappearing office supplies) 
  • Reduced decision quality (distracted minds)
  • Loss of skilled employees (turnover, recruiting, training replacement)
  • Restructuring (learning curve for direct and indirect parties of conflict)
  • Lowered job motivation (including those around parties in conflict)
  • Lost work time (mental health days, or stress related illness)
  • Health costs (insurance frequency/rates increase for all)

This workshop is ideal for decision makers with budget responsibility such as CEO, CFO, CPA, Line Managers, Risk Managers, Supervisors, HR and Loss Prevention Executives.
Recommended for individual coaching or groups up to about 25 participants.

B.I.F.F. Quick Response to HCP's  Based on the book by Bill Eddy
Brief Informative Friendly Firm  Responses to High Conflict Personalities, Their Personal Attacks, Hostile Email and Social Media Meltdowns.

"...In a Culture of Blame and Disrespect in which emails, social media posts, and personal attacks are on the increase, we must learn to respond to people who communicate this way -- people with high-conflict personalities.  A BIFF response can be applied in any communication anywhere - on the Internet, in a letter or in person. It can be used at work, earning you respect and success. It can help you get along with difficult family members, friends, neighbors and others anywhere in your life. BIFF was designed to protect you and your reputation by responding quickly and civilly to people who treat you rudely - while being reasonable in return."   

BIFF responses are hard to do and take practice!  

Hands-on, minds-on workshop. Excellent team builder.  Participants bring their own in-process, or past, BIFF situation to work on, share, and practice.   Book can be included - ask for details.  Recommended for individual coaching or small groups up to about 15 participants.

Listening Skills
10% of conflict is due to difference of opinion.  90% is due to tone either misdelivered or misinterpreted.

Listening is the:
  • Most used - 75% of an executive's day involves listening
  • Least taught - Less than 2% have any formal education on how to listen 
  • Most poorly applied 
Skill we have.

Participate in this multi-media interactive workshop to learn more about the fundamentals of good listening, practice skill building exercises and engage in open, honest discussion about what works, doesn't work, why and how improving your listening skills improves your influence, self-confidence and may just get you that promotion (or dinner date) you've been working on.  

Customized role play scenarios available for your group, ask for details. 
Interactive multi-media workshop suited to small groups up to about 20 participants.

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